Enrollment Welcome

The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) has partnered with Higher One and are pleased to offer you tuition payment plans as an alternative to paying your semester tuition in one lump sum each semester. Through HigherOne, TCNJ is able to offer annual payment plans for graduate and undergraduate students, as well as semester only plans. Please review which plan would work best for you, by clicking on the links below and follow the instruction to complete the enrollment process into a payment plan.

To set up your payment plan contract amount, you may refer to the initial semester bill for the amount due or you may estimate your charges using the TCNJ's tuition and fee table found at http://studentaccounts.tcnj.edu/tuition-fees/. If you select to estimate your payment plan contract amount, please confirm that you have budgeted correctly once the semester bill has been generated.

As a reminder, if you are enrolling into an annual plan, please double your contract amount to cover both the Fall and Spring semester bill.

If you determine your payment plan needs adjustment at any time during the semester, you may contact TCNJ's Payment Plan Administrator directly for a contract change.

As part of the customer service process, we complete contract reviews. If your payment plan exceeds your billed charges, TCNJ may automatically lower your tuition payment plan accordingly. If your tuition payment plan is not set up to cover your outstanding charges in full, you will need to increase your payment plan to cover the difference or pay the remaining balance directly to TCNJ by the bill payment due date. Outstanding balances at TCNJ are subject to a late payment fine of $25 or 1.5% of the total outstanding balance, whichever is greater.

For details about using the tuition payment plan and the expectations of maintaining a payment plan in good standing, please visit the TCNJ payment plan website located at http://studentaccounts.tcnj.edu/billing/bill-payment-options/installment-payment-plan/.

For further assistance, or to make a contract adjustment, please contact the TCNJ payment plan administrator, Rayanne Tiwari, in the Office of Student Accounts at (609) 771-3145 or email paymentplan@tcnj.edu.