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Golden West College is pleased to present our students with the Tuition Payment Plan, administered by Higher OneĀ®. This is a financing alternative if you cannot cover the entire amount of your GWC registration fees at the time of registration. Please go through the check list below to see if the tuition payment plan service is right for you.

Have you enrolled in GWC classes for the semester?
You need to register for your GWC classes first and sign-up for the tuition payment plan within 48 hours after registration.
IF YES: Proceed to the next question.

Are your semester GWC registration fees $150 or more, as quoted on the MyGWC Account Detail for Term?
The tuition payment plan is available only to students with $150 or more in registration fees, as quoted on the MyGWC Account Detail for Term.

Have you applied for financial aid?
To view information about how financial aid can help to pay for your education and for information regarding financial literacy, visit the financial aid website.

Do you want to set up a tuition payment plan for your GWC registration fees?
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IF YES: Proceed to the information below to get started!

The Tuition Payment Plan is a manageable, interest-free way to spread your GWC registration payments over a number of months. We are offering the following plan:

TuitionPay 3-Pay Semester Plan Option: Spread your fall or spring registration fees into 3 monthly installments rather than one lump sum with only a $25 non-refundable application fee! You can sign up for this Plan within 48 hours after you register for GWC classes and hold your classes.

Note: Your registration fees must total a minimum of $150. You are responsible for ALL registration fees charged unless you drop your classes by the refund deadline date for each class. Any refunds due may take up to 6-8 weeks to process and are made by check only.

Golden West College encourages you to set-up a tuition payment plan if you meet the eligibility guidelines identified above. If you have questions about the plan, please call Higher One at (800) 635-0120 and specialist will be happy to assist you.

Once your account is established, you can access it online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through Manage Your Account. Select the Manage your payment plan link under Returning Customer above!